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New:Ice Cream Scoops

Well... if tears of joy are any indication, the turning you did was well received indeed.
Thank you.

Ken Bassett,
North Hero, VT

A gift appreciated by any ice cream lover.
Turned handle of ice cream scoop
The scoop is well fitted to the hardwood handle with a tang and ferrule.  This traditional construction is solid and the same used on my turning chisels which are put to the test every day.  Essentially this scoop will live in generations of kitchens which makes me happy to create them.

The scoops come in many flavors.  For example this sampling from top to bottom plum, sugar maple, white ash.



The shallow traditional shape allows a nice curl to be formed.  Dip the brass in a cup of warm water to make curls from even the hardest ice cream. 

Each design is unique, please allow me to chose yours.  


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All are individually signed.

The handles are all hand turned from mostly local species (and many unusual ones) ranging from fruitwoods like apple and plum, to black locust, and maples. 


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